Autumn Haystacks

It’s cool. The evening air is crisp. Without thinking about it, before leaving the house you pulled on a hat. You were already wearing a jacket.

After a few steps you pull it tighter and avoid the car sitting in your driveway.

Tonight is for walking, not driving.

On the country road, you keep to the edge. There is no sidewalk. You pass cars whose interiors are lit warmly, vaguely orange.

By the time you reach the fields, the flow of cars has stopped and your cheeks feel numb.

You see:


Jean-Francois Millet’s “Haystacks, Autumn” (1873)

You traveled through space but you might as well have traveled across time. You feel the passing of the seasons. You feel yourself connected to those now living and those who lived in the past, here and on other continents, other worlds.

Your mp3 player is playing:

“Autumn Haystacks” is the sixth track on jazz composer-guitarist Scott DuBois’ 2012 album Landscape Scripture. Four more tracks can be found on his YouTube channel. It’s beautiful music.


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