The Circular Logic of Space Exploration

The Circular Logic of Space Exploration

Appleton rushed to scratch the message onto the back cover of a magazine lying face-down on a table near the telephone. Scratch—because the pen didn’t want to cooperate; the ballpoint stuck. Appleton’s fingers shook.

It was a prank, surely. The conversation had been recorded. He would end up on a website somewhere, the anonymous out-of-touch butt of some teenager’s joke.

Yet there was something in the quality of that voice, a voice that didn’t belong to any teenager, that forced the shapes of the letters through his wrist, onto the paper. Even as he felt the fool, he also felt the chronicler. The words could be historic.



Perfect title, and a perfect analogy of how SF works.

– MoratGurgeh

Evocative of the writings of an earlier century. Utterly delightful.

– Dave Wisker

Short, fun and different. I enjoyed it.

– James Jenkins

Great stuff, refreshingly different and exciting. I love your narrator’s voice and the little details you include like his “appointments” with his books and referring to his wife as “the wife”, it makes your character very believable.

– Tamsin Emma


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