Free Fantasy World Generator

If you write fantasy and like maps, head over to the donjon. It’s a site for role-players (Dungeons & Dragons, not black leather and whips), but authors should find plenty useful, too—especially the various place and name generators, including the Fantasy World Generator, which, in forty-five seconds, will make you something like this:

The Norman Cranedom

(click for the full effect)

If you’re a hardcore world builder, you might scoff (“Automatic world generation? Dear sir, surely you jest.”) but if you’re writing a story or novel and just want a ready-made and unique playground to create in, click away. Sometimes seeing a map helps you see connections or sparks an idea. And remember, every world, no matter how automatically generated, has a history, has lifeforms, has drama and conflict…

If your imagination finds it, your words can tell it.

UPDATE: Check out the Wizardawn world map generator, too.

UPDATE: You might also find something useful on my Writing Resources page.

A Paunch Full of PesosgoblinsFairy of Teeth Novellairisadwarfstoodatthedoor


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