Jazz Conversations

A brief history of Polish jazz, in two performances: traditional and modern. Original title: Rozmowy jazzowe


The performances are fun, but the film meanders as the director and cinematographer try to upstage (complement?) the music. Still, it’s a neat “extra” for fans of Polish jazz, with many famous musicians playing in the two sequences. In the first—traditional jazz—sequence, for example, we have: Jerzy Matuszkiewicz on soprano sax, Leszek Lic on clarinet, Włodzimierz Wasio on trombone, Andrzej Kurylewicz on the piano, Roman Dyląg on bass, and Witold Sobociński on drums. This sequence is roughly half the film, and the boys play two songs. Then begins the modern jazz performance, which features a name that should be more familiar to film fans: Krzysztof Komeda. The performers are Krzysztof Trzćinski on piano, Jan Wróblewski on clarinet, Zdzisław Brzeszczyński on trombone, Jerzy Milian on Vibraphone, Józef Stolarz on bass, and Jan Zylber on drums. They play one song, which is marred by annoying camera-work and editing. Ironically, it’s this “modern” sequence that feels the most dated. Anyway, if you’re into the music, it’s worth the watch; otherwise, it’s neither interesting nor especially good.

Jazz Conversations can be held, but focus on the jazz.

Andrzej Brzozowski, 1957


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