Wizardawn World Map Generator

A few months ago, I posted about a free fantasy world map generator that could be useful for novelists. Today I’m posting about another, available from the Wizardawn tabletop gaming website. It generates maps like:


Because the map is meant to be for gaming, it comes drawn in hexes with defined sizes. One hex can represent from 5 to 50 miles, and maps can be created up to 8000 (100 x 80) hexes large. There is also a “genre” option (Fantasy, Scifi, Post-Apocalyptic or Empty), a few climate choices and the possibility to define a map’s borders: do you want, say, mountains cutting off the snowy north and a coastline all along the southern edge? Although hexes don’t at first seem useful to novelists, they can be. They make for simple time calculations (How long will it take Blowdar the Dwarf to reach Ravenshelm from Lightningforge?) and if you’re nerdy enough to create some character tokens, you can move them around the map to have a visualisation of where your characters are at any given moment. Tokens can be physical and placed on a printed map or they can be digital, implemented as layers in software like Photoshop or GIMP.

A Paunch Full of PesosgoblinsFairy of Teeth Novellairisadwarfstoodatthedoor


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