Elevenade’s Ubik Pictures

I finished Philip Dick’s Ubik about a month ago. Today I stumbled on the deviantART page of a German artist, elevenade, who’s doing illustrations for the book. I don’t know if the illustrations are for pay or for free but they’re great and you should check them out as soon as possible. Read the book too. Many of elevenade’s scenes jibe with what I “saw” (in my head) as I was reading. He’s also done quite a few character portraits. I’m impressed with the amount of detail, especially on the minor characters. Ubik has a diverse cast and now each has his or her own picture. Now where’d I put my spray can…


Talking to the half-dead.


My favourite of the portraits. It captures Dick’s peculiar fascination with exuberant clothing.

Elevenade also has a website, but it doesn’t load for me, and a Tumblr, which does. You can also follow him on Twitter.


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