Dog Logic

The dog does not like peanut butter. The dog likes cottage cheese. Given peanut butter, the dog eats around it. The dog also does not like lettuce. Keep in mind the dog eats grass. Grass, the dog lets it be known, is tastier than lettuce and peanut butter.

Because the dog does not like peanut butter and no one else eats peanut butter, the peanut butter ages. It becomes old. A peanut butter and peach cobbler recipe is therefore devised and the cobbler is baked. It turns out fine.

As the cobbler is eaten, the dog sits neatly by the table, begging. The dog’s eyes become glassy. Its saliva drips down its oversized gums to the floor. The cobbler is eaten. The dog wants a taste, a piece. The cobbler—made from the peanut butter the dog ostentatiously refused to eat!—has become for the dog a rare and desirable treat. That, dear readers, is dog logic.


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